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This blend is specifically for people who often neglect their own needs to please others and may find it difficult to say “no” and this can cause them to then feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.These people can often feel too tired to face the day ahead because they are just so overwhelmed and exhausted from all the responsibilities that they’ve put up on their shoulders leaving them mentally exhausted, causing them to put things off and maybe procrastinate.They tend to overwork and keep on in spite of exhaustion because they have a strong sense of duty and will never give up. They often neglect their own needs in order to complete a task. These are the kind of people who tend to take charge of projects, situations, etc. and are natural leaders. They are often strong-willed, ambitious and can sometimes be bossy.


Centaury (Centaurium Erythraea) essence, Elm (Ulmus Procera) essence, Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) essence, Oak (Quercus Robur) essence, Vine (Vitis Vinifera) essence, Rosa Kamchatka (Red, Siberia) essence, Franckeite elixir.