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Bitterness, anger, and resentment are all emotions that steal the joy in life, but some people are unable to shake these feelings and they become…


Over the years, we have seem more people suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, constant worry, or fear than just about anything else. This blend of…


Major life changes can leave one feeling insecure, excited, and needing direction. Although change is a necessary and normal part of life, it can definitely…


Many people suffer from lack of confidence or low self esteem. Others lack the self-love necessary to recognize the beauty that they possess inside, and…

Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle, 22oz

Vacuum insulation is a big deal if you care about beverage temperature change. Double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot up to 12…

Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, 22oz

Stay hydrated in style on a daily basis with this personalized tumbler. With a 22oz capacity and copper vacuum insulation, our tumbler keeps your favorite…


It seems like absolutely everybody gets plagued with weariness, malaise, exhaustion, or fatigue, at least at times. We’ve hand picked the essences that help put…


Many of us would agree that both work and school require mental agility and even physical endurance. This blend of essences will support both the…

Fourth Trimester

These drops work energetically to boost vitality and healing after birth whilst assisting the emotional and psychological integration of the mothers birthing experience. They cultivate love…


This blend is specifically for people who often neglect their own needs to please others and may find it difficult to say "no” and this…

Men’s Organic Zip Hoodie

Easy to wear, easy to style, and still keeping with your organic aesthetics, we present the iconic men’s zip-up hoodie sweatshirt. Laced with cool round…

Men’s Organic V-neck

The organic men’s v-neck t-shirt you’ve been waiting for. With a necktape covered collar seam to withstand multiple washings without losing shape, this comfortable t-shirt…